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The Benefits of Cork

Armstrong hardwood, Performance Plus, NaturalArmstrong hardwood, Performance Plus, Natural

Discover the benefits of Cork!


More and more homeowners are discovering the many benefits of cork. Very few flooring choices can claim to be stylish, comfortable, versatile, easy to maintain and environmentally-friendly.

For over a century, cork has been a durable and versatile flooring option. Today, it is stylish enough to fit any decorating need. It comes in many shades and colors - from a light honey to a dark walnut. It can have a marbleized or wood grain look.

Cork is easy to maintain - just use a damp mop to clean. It also helps to keep your air clean since it cannot absorb or release dust into the air.

Cork is highly durable. It "bounces back" – increasing comfort and reducing fatigue. With over a million cells per cubic inch, it is a thermal and acoustic insulator.

Cork contains Suberin, a natural wax-like substance which makes it resist liquid, bacteria, rotting, insects, mold and mildew.

The manufacturing process of cork flooring makes it very environmentally friendly. It comes from the bark of Mediterranean oak trees. It is peeled away from the tree and then regenerated. So trees are not cut down or harmed in any way. It also uses the waste from the wine industry.

Comfortable, quiet, warm and beautiful, cork flooring can enhance the look of all your rooms.